Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 Finish-along Q1 list

Like many quilters out there I'm great at starting projects but a little underwhelming when it comes to finishing. In the interests of improving my performance in this area I'm joining the 2015 Finish-along hosted this year by Adrianne from On the Windy Side. I'm going to keep my goals modest to improve my chances of success!

1. Finish piecing Gypsy Wife

This is my main goal because it takes me so darn long to put even the smallest part  together!

2. Adrianne's Stars

The backing fabric for this turned up today in the post. My aim is to get this layered up and then begin hand quilting it. I will need the weather to turn cooler before too much hand quilting takes place but I don't want to jinx the gorgeous summer we are having.

I'm tempted to add more to the list but realistically if I get both these done in the busy months ahead I will be over the moon (and you can be sure that I will start more projects that are not even on any list yet!)


  1. Those are both gorgeous!! I am being more restrained with my list too, keeping it realistic!

  2. Two lovely projects. I only have two as well - don't want to feel under too much pressure!

  3. Gypsy Wife is a bear to put together but when you get it done it's going to be awesome

  4. I think any progress on the Gypsy Wife is good progress. It's a great quilt, but very complex to make by the look of it. I love those stars too. Good on you for keeping your goals realistic.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your progress with Gypsy Wife.. a lot of work I agree, but it'll be so well worth it in the end! Linda

  6. I just adore gypsy wife ; )
    Hope to get that pattern soon

  7. Out of curiosity, how many wips do you have on hand because I seem to remember plenty of finishes from you. I have at least 5 that I'm actively rotating between. I tried the Lovely Year of Finishes last year and failed spectacularly. I hope it motivates you better.