Sunday, 24 February 2019

The end of 100 days at #48

I have enjoyed my self-set 100 day project. It achieved what I wanted - a reboot of my interest in sewing. Last year I found it hard to get to my machine or to really want to be making anything.

The little project that involved setting aside some time each day to make something simple without the usual constraints was fun. However, over the last week or so, I realised that other projects were rapidly forming in my mind. My wanting to sew was back! I also started to think about how I might like to put the blocks together, and decided that I wanted to sash them. A 6x8 grid seems like a nice proportion and will be a good sized lap quilt once I've added sashing. So at #48, I have called a halt to production.

I found myself working across several days on a particular theme, making two, three or four variations of a shape I was enjoying.

With other blocks, I had an idea in mind and made the block I planned (on the right below). At other times my quilt math ability was on holiday and I ended up with some interesting improvisation in order to make use of the mis-sized pieces. 

Now to decide on a neutral solid for the sashing. 


  1. Sweet little blocks Megan. So glad you are wanting to sew again, we've missed your posts!

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