Saturday, 3 November 2012

Converging corners bee block

Here is the Converging Corners bee block that Glenys requested. It was made using this tutorial which is very good. It wasn't difficult although if you're especially observant you'll see I did make an error with the sequence, but I don't think it will be noticeable when all the blocks are put together - I only noticed it when I was giving the finished block a press.

Converging corners for Glenys

I was in a bit of a numpty mood when I was sewing this, and kept cutting my strips the wrong size. So one of my corners has a cute little extra piece of patchworking ;-)

Corner closeup

I'm looking forward to Monday when our Monday Modern group meets up for this month - its fun seeing everyone else's blocks!


  1. I can't see any problem with a sequence! Mine has a little bit of patching in one corner too, but I'm not pointing it out ;)

  2. So I looked for the sequencing error and I can't see it so I think you must have done a pretty decent job on it! Looks great!

  3. Hello Megan . I just found your blog while floating around the web. I really like your style and am off to sign up as a follower. Happy quilting!