Thursday, 1 September 2016

Gypsy Wife Section 9

Hello fellow Gypsy Wife people! How did you get on with section 8? I've just got the star block to do and then I can move on to section 9. My aim this month is to get fully caught up with my own quilt along!

I was really pleased to finally finish section 6 and get a good large section of the quilt put together.

I've now got a little collection of 'oopsies' on my design wall. I.e blocks that have needed a bit of adapting because I read the pattern incorrectly and made them the wrong size, or out-takes from earlier sections. I stitched the heart block without paying attention to the rest of the quilt and realised that I would have two blocks right next to each other featuring that berry coloured AMH fabric, so I had to make another. I'm not going to waste the original though, I will find a home for it in the quilt somewhere...

To keep myself sane I've been pottering away on a completely different project in the background. I have started making EPP blocks using Lucy Kingwell's pattern Smitten. I am enjoying the pace and being able to pick up some quiet hand stitching whenever times allows it.