Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy happy Saturday

Our Monday Modern group had a great fun day sewing up a storm together today - what a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

I checked my mailbox when I got home and was a bit perplexed to find a parcel in mail box from Australia that seemed suspiciously fabric-y. Having just joined a fabric diet support group, my first thought was 'OMG I so need to be in that group - apparently I can no longer even remember what I have bought!'

In fact it turned out to be this gorgeous mini from Holly:

 I participated in the DUDQS4 at the end of last year but the first mini Holly made for me went AWOL. I felt bad for her but not too upset for myself - these things happen. But Holly decided she wanted to make me another and so today, after I had almost entirely forgotten about it, there it was. Isn't it beautiful? I love it to bits. And I love that she went to the trouble of making two so that I didn't miss out. Look at this cute label on the back and that cool Ikea print.

Yep, that's a perfect 10 for this Saturday :-)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Gypsy Wife underway!

I had already been planning to make Jen Kingwell's Gypsy Wife my personal BOM project this year when I discovered that someone else had cleverly read my mind, sorted out a schedule to follow, set up a Flickr group, and printed t-shirts... (that last part might have been stretching the truth, but I'd wear one if such a thing were to happen!!)

So I looked at the schedule for February and the lovely pile of fabric that I bought from Amitie. They are fabulous at sending 'scrap' packs to a dollar amount that you specify. This works for me - my stash is a curious assortment of fabric that I think will be useful for binding (stripes and the like), some blenders, some small collections of fabric that I have been obsessed with at some point or another, and now a largish collection of low volume fabric which has been my latest obsession. None of that really works for a quilt like Gypsy Wife so I was very happy when this turned up in the mail:

First up on the list was a block called Colour Wheel. Oh the agony choosing what fabric to cut into first. According to Jen "the greater the number of fabrics you use, the more fun your quilt will become". Righto.

This was an easy enough block to piece, I just forgot to pay attention to the instructions and only managed 50% accuracy with this little group (all the pale triangles need to be on the same side of the larger piece).

And then it was puzzle time. Again, much quicker if you actually look the helpful diagrams.

And finally success.

One down. Eleventy million to go.
Linking up today over at Freshly Pieced :-)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

QAYG charity blocks

Recently Alison at Little Island Quilts posted a request for help to make and send quilts to street children living in Mexico City. You can read more about this here and here. I know that Kiwis have a reputation for being generous when it comes to charity, so I'm thinking some of my NZ readers might want to get on board with this. Of course there are children living in poverty all around the world (NZ included) and quilts might seem an odd thing to give instead of the basics like food, clothing or fresh drinking water. But I believe that for children who literally have nothing, to have something, anything that is their own can be equally as nourishing, albeit in a different way.

The idea is simple. You make a 12.5"quilt block and quilt it. Alison will join the blocks together as she receives them and then has organised a way for the quilts to get to Mexico City. I realised that I had some orphan blocks that might do the trick - like this one:

And I also had a wonky star which has now been given the quilting treatment:

Alison thinks that scrappy log cabins will work quite well - I forgot about that part as I was hunting through my scraps and making another couple of blocks - but these are almost log cabins:

The backing gets quilted too (I think some people do QAYG slightly differently).

I'm posting these off in the next day or two, but if there are some lovely locals out there interested in making some blocks, I am happy for you to send them to me and I'll post them off with my next batch. Alternatively you can send them directly to Alison - if you let her know she will email you her address.