Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Projects projects everywhere!

I seem to have started the year by actually beginning every project I want to complete this year (or it feels like it anyway)! Not really the best way to work, I end up making myself feel all flustered and stressed. My design wall (aka the batting stapled up on the laundry wall) reflects some of the different projects underway.

I have also started hand quilting Adrianne's stars. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this but I do! There is something meditative about the process especially now that I don't drop the needle every three seconds. My stitches are not perfect, but I think it looks tidy enough for a first attempt. The pale blue variegated thread below is the first star I quilted, I cleverly began with one of the paler colours to lessen the effects of imperfection :-)

I recently bought The New Hexagon as a slow sewing project. There are 52 hexagons to make in the book which lends itself nicely to the idea of a hexagon a week for a year. I bought the accompanying mixed pack of pieces from Paper Pieces which will apparently enable me to make one of each of the hexagons in the book.

Some of the pieces are very small so I have decided to start with the blocks that have larger pieces while I practice my epp skills! 1 down, 51 to go :-)