Friday, 31 May 2013

Catching up

I've been working my way through a list of things to finish off or catch up with. It is a good feeling to tick a few things off the list. Here are this month's blocks for Monday Modern:
A wonky log cabin for Cris -

And these Tula Pink blocks for Louise which I looooove!

It's a long weekend this weekend so I'm heading off to Taupo to visit mum. I've packed up a little kit of hexies to sew by the fire - am really looking forward to a mini holiday.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A winter quilt

Winter came to Auckland today in a great storm of thunder, lightening and hail. I wanted to take a photo of a little winter quilt I have just finished but the weather gods were against me. Exhibit A:

Hail - not idea conditions for quilty pics. So here are some inside shots.

This is my couch quilt made entirely of voile and using wool batting. It is unbelievably warm and soft and squishy. My timing could not have been better. I'm wrapped up in it now as I type. There is no clever design going on - I just cut the voile into wide strips and once pieced, quilted it using a large lazy-s pattern. It is backed with voile too - more butterflies. The voile is wider than cotton so I made the quilt just a little narrower than the fabric. Its about 53 inches wide and 60 inches long, a perfect size for keeping my legs and feet warm while I hand stitch or watch TV..

Friday, 17 May 2013

Some hexies and a minor miracle

I am handing in the completed first draft of my thesis on Monday. That possibly could be the 'minor miracle' but we wont do any counting of chickens at this stage. There are many hours left until Monday arrives and quite a few more words to be written.

No, the minor miracle is the arrival of this box:

Possibly only those of us living at the far-flung ends of the earth will understand why I am referring to this as a minor miracle. Take a look at what it cost me:

$3.95 to ship a box from the US. Not the standard eleventy million dollars that it costs for an envelope of fabric. Perhaps made a mistake - I'm not asking. Mel used this batting in a lovely quilt she brought along to Monday Modern - it seemed very soft and squishy and I decided I wanted to use it in a winter- tv-watching quilt I have in mind. It will be a quilt all about tactile appeal rather than colour or design.

Very little sewing to report otherwise (see, no need to worry June, I have been very focused on my writing!) - just the odd hexie in the evening when my brain refuses to function any longer. It's raining today so the colours look a bit dull here, but in real life they are very pretty and make me smile.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I {heart} Tula Pink

Indeed I do. I had some birthday money tucked away for a rainy day and because I am a sucker for nicely packaged 'craft' kits and nearly everything Tula Pink, I could not resist.

What's inside?

Hexy joy.