Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A winter quilt

Winter came to Auckland today in a great storm of thunder, lightening and hail. I wanted to take a photo of a little winter quilt I have just finished but the weather gods were against me. Exhibit A:

Hail - not idea conditions for quilty pics. So here are some inside shots.

This is my couch quilt made entirely of voile and using wool batting. It is unbelievably warm and soft and squishy. My timing could not have been better. I'm wrapped up in it now as I type. There is no clever design going on - I just cut the voile into wide strips and once pieced, quilted it using a large lazy-s pattern. It is backed with voile too - more butterflies. The voile is wider than cotton so I made the quilt just a little narrower than the fabric. Its about 53 inches wide and 60 inches long, a perfect size for keeping my legs and feet warm while I hand stitch or watch TV..


  1. Lovely - I have serious fabric envy. All my quilts are being heavily used today too.

  2. oh my. oh my. l.o.v.e. It's cold enough here (late spring!) for you to have to send it to me I think ;)

  3. It looks so soft and warm! The colors are so rich, I love it!