Friday, 17 May 2013

Some hexies and a minor miracle

I am handing in the completed first draft of my thesis on Monday. That possibly could be the 'minor miracle' but we wont do any counting of chickens at this stage. There are many hours left until Monday arrives and quite a few more words to be written.

No, the minor miracle is the arrival of this box:

Possibly only those of us living at the far-flung ends of the earth will understand why I am referring to this as a minor miracle. Take a look at what it cost me:

$3.95 to ship a box from the US. Not the standard eleventy million dollars that it costs for an envelope of fabric. Perhaps made a mistake - I'm not asking. Mel used this batting in a lovely quilt she brought along to Monday Modern - it seemed very soft and squishy and I decided I wanted to use it in a winter- tv-watching quilt I have in mind. It will be a quilt all about tactile appeal rather than colour or design.

Very little sewing to report otherwise (see, no need to worry June, I have been very focused on my writing!) - just the odd hexie in the evening when my brain refuses to function any longer. It's raining today so the colours look a bit dull here, but in real life they are very pretty and make me smile.


  1. Those Tula Pink hexies are fantastic - I bet you had to pay a lot more than $3.95 to get that kit shipped to you. I don't think you can even send a box across Auckland for less that $5.00.

  2. Ridiculous! I'd be ordering more!! Rain is good writing weather and it's meant to continue all weekend.

  3. You are going to feel so free (or tired) when it is handed over! Good luck! Love the hexies!

  4. used to offer free shipping on your first order, or really reduced rates, so maybe that's it? I used them once and then the regular shipping was crazy so I haven't looked since - maybe I should! haha.

    Best of luck over the weekend with the thesis! I still remember the stress of doing the last bit of mine and it was over 3 years ago :) But seriously, it seems like an endless tunnel of slog and that it will never ever be over, but suddenly, almost when you're least expecting it, it's done.

  5. Oh oh those hexies! Love them. Hurray for low shipping!

  6. Good grief!!! I cannot believe your good luck with that package!!

    Good luck with your thesis. I just graduated from Victoria this week with my Masters in Nursing...5 long years of hard work. I totally understand the stress and effort that goes into a thesis!!