Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas cushions

Some time ago I decided that rather than make a Christmas quilt (because unless something weird is happening with the weather, a quilt is way too hot for summer in Auckand) I would make a new Christmas cushion each year.
I made this one last year:

It looked very jolly on the couch. All going according to plan it will have a mate this Christmas.

I also decided to make my niece and nephew 'book reading' cushions for Christmas. I heard a great interview on the radio with Andy Griffiths, author of the Treehouse books, who was talking about the importance of helping children associate book reading with pleasure. My mother did a great job of that with the three of us, so I'm going to try and do my bit too. I figured a squishy down-filled pillow would be a great present to accompany a book. 

Lions for my nephew:

And some Tula Pink for my niece. Mum bought her a new duvet cover for Christmas, pink of course because she's a girl *snort. So I was asked to make her something to match. (I'm not anti-pink by the way, just anti-pink-because-you're-a-girl). I'm a bit further on with this one. It has some less than stellar quilting on it, and the back and edging sorted.

Now I just need work to be less crazy busy so I can get on with being Santa's little helper...

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Auckland Festival of Quilts

We have had a beautiful sunny summery weekend here in Auckland, and what better way to celebrate the approach of summer than a quilt festival?! This year Auckland's Festival of Quilts was held at a new venue (the Auckland Netball Centre in St Johns).  It seemed, from what I overheard, that most people thoroughly approved of the new venue. I really liked the light and space. 

As always there was much to see. I was especially taken by this little wallhanging called 'Frida' by Ngaire Fleming and quilted by Leonie Wihongi.

I am a long time admirer of Robyn Croft's work. She had several lovely pieces on show, including this modern landscape - inspired by the Waikato country side and the changing colours of the horizons beyond those ubiquitous fences!

One of my quilts 'Treasure Hunt' (pattern by Amanda Woodruff) came second in the amateur small quilt (multiple makers) section. It was quilted by Carol Fearon, who did a fantastic job with it.