Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas projects

Recently our Monday Modern group celebrated the festive season by exchanging gifts made in secret. We did it lucky dip style so no-one knew where things would end up.

I got a lovely Liberty pincushion, thanks Linda :-)

For my contribution I used Svetlana's pattern to make a zippy pouch - because you can't really have too many zippy pouches in my opinion. Especially if said zippy pouch has cats on it :-)

This weekend I decided (out of the blue) that I was going to make a Christmas cushion. I think it was the super cute Aneela Hoey fabric that wouldn't let me ignore it any longer.

Ok Christmas - I'm ready for you now!


  1. Love that cushion - I have to admit even with all my Christmas sewing I am feeling a bit Grinch like this year.

  2. Love the colour combo in your xmas cushion!

  3. Ooh love these hand made goodies! What a lovely thing to be part of the Monday Modern group - I'm a little jealous! 😉. The cushion looks neat in the pattern you chose.

  4. Love the cushion you made. I have a charm pack of cherry christmas hopefully on its way to me so I might need to make a cushion too!

  5. No quilted stocking?! Good thing your cushion is so cute in that AH print. Love the back you chose!