Thursday, 12 January 2012

The answer is yes!

The question: Do I have the most annoying cat in the world?
The answer: Yes!
Say hello to Coco who has a very paws on approach to quilt-making (read - does not like playing second fiddle to anything).

This is the fabric I am using for my first attempt at a half-square triangle quilt. The collection is called Treasures and Tidbits by Piece O' Cake Designs and when I saw this on the web I knew my sister would love these colours. It's a birthday quilt and February is coming up fast...yikes!! I'm trying to work slowly (not my natural inclination) and followed the advice of more experienced quilt bloggers online by making my squares slightly larger than needed and then trimming them carefully. It seems to be going together ok so far...


  1. Don't you just love the cat when s/he can always find the latest quilt project. But life without them would not be so great. I have two to contend with! Robyn

  2. I have a feeling that Coco (she) will be in many photos. Piecing is pretty bad and quilting is a nightmare. She thinks its a fantastic game to jump all over the moving fabric chasing imaginary mice. Her latest thing is to get very close to the rotary cutter as I am using it which could all go horribly wrong....But, yes, cats are so adorable!