Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A finished quilt top

I started this last year - it might have been the third quilt I tried to make. When I look at it now, I still really like the fabric, but there are some things I would do differently. I remember that I had seen a photo somewhere on the web that I based the design on, but I was so new to the world of blogs I had no idea where it was to go back to.

The photo was actually this one from Film in the Fridge, and had I been able to find my way back to it at the time, I could have used the tutorial. It will sit in the cupboard now until school holidays by which time I might have decided what to do about quilting (read, I'm praying for the appearance of a quilting fairy).

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I also got tagged by the lovely Debbie at A Quilters Table. I'm not going to tag anyone else because I think most blogs I read have been tagged. However, if anyone wants to know a little more about me, my answers to Debbie's questions are below:

1. What is your favorite color to use in quilting? I love colour full stop, but probably blues and greens.
2. Where would you like to visit in the U.S. that you've never been before? I've only been to Chicago (loved it) Nashville (great fun) and New Orleans (so pretty) - I'd love to travel all over the states.
3. How old is the car you drive most? Um, I think about 10 years old.
4. What's the last movie you saw and would you recommend it? The last movie I saw was The Descendants which I found surprisingly good.
5. What makes a day great? A strong latte in the morning and belly laughing with friends or family.
6. What is your favorite snack? Fish and chips - does that even count as a snack? I'm such a Kiwi, I should have said carrot sticks in case my mum is reading.
7. Besides quilting, do you have other hobbies? A bit of tramping, a lot of reading. My PhD is taking up most of my time at the moment.
8. What is your least favorite household chore? Grocery shopping. Loathe it.
9. Where would you live if you could? I love living here in Auckland, but I also fancy Glasgow and London.
10. What is your favorite quilt you've made? I like most of the (few) quilts I have made, but I don't think I've made a favourite yet.
11. What's your "wake up" beverage of choice? Definitely coffee. Luckily New Zealand is a nation of coffee roasters and independent cafes, I think we have some of the best coffee in the world. 


  1. Pretty quilt - I love the fabrics! Fish and chips is so a snack, it comes wrapped in paper :)

  2. Beautiful quilt Megan -love all the jewel tones of the fabrics!

  3. When the Quilting Fairy is done at your house, could you send her to mine? I have no idea how to approach my current project. I do love your quilt!

  4. Love #5! I had no idea New Zealand was such a coffee mecca! Thanks for playing along....

  5. Gorgeous quilt top! I love the colours!

  6. Beautiful quilt, I love the deep purples! You've made me want to travel to New Zealand to experience the coffee! :D I have quite the caffeine addiction lately!