Sunday, 18 March 2012

A productive weekend

I take my hat off to the people who are doing the NYB QAL and are making 4 of each of the blocks. I'm not sure how many hours I spent cutting (and cussing) this afternoon to produce 1 block! 1 per week is definitely my upper limit. It needs a good trim but I'm reluctant to do that until all my blocks are made when I suspect I will have to choose the best 'average' size. This one is just a wee bit under the 8.5" it is supposed to be.

I had time to do this today because I finished my baby quilt top faster than I expected and I didn't have batting or backing - I need to buy some tomorrow. I also need to find some great fabric to bind it, I think my ambivalence about this quilt is due to the fact that it looks quite pale because there is so much white.

I had to buy this today:

...on account of Coco being pretty keen to do a lot of this lately... yes, even as I'm sewing!

I'm so sure I saw a flea today, although I might be just a tad bit paranoid about fleas. To celebrate a pretty productive weekend on the sewing front I went to the Craft and Sewing fair here in Auckland and bought a lovely little bundle of shot cottons - it would just be too tragic to go a craft fair and not buy anything!

Hope everyone has had a happy weekend.


  1. Great cat storage! The NY block is looking good too.

  2. Haha, I second Karyn on the cat storage! Beautiful NYB block and the baby quilt is stunning. I love shot cotton.

  3. Your block looks fab!! Love the quilt as well :)

  4. Coco looks so comfy! What my cats would give to have a place like that to curl up in! Is it just me or are quilters disproportionately cat owners?!?

    Love the NY block! It's coming along beautifully. I love the colors you chose - serene and calm. Congrats on finishing the top for the baby quilt. I'm sure it will be beautiful. How are you going to quilt it?

  5. Your block looks amazing! Can't tell there was a single swear word used while making it ;)

    I recently had the same problem with feeling like too much white in a quilt. I added a darker colour border around it and that really pulled it together (although I don't want to scare you off with the troubles I had doing the border :( )

    Loving your cat! Just gorgeous! Don't they choose the funniest places to sleep!

  6. Looks fantastic....and a lot of work too.

  7. I just love the New York Beauty Block - it is going to be an amazing quilt. The colours you chose are soooooo nice. Robyn