Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bee blocks for Helen

It feels like its been a while since I've been able to sit down at my sewing machine, so this weekend I was determined I was going to make time to call into Helen's and pick up her little supply kit for the bee blocks she has chosen. I knew I was going to love the fabric because I saw the hexy block she posted - when finished the hexy blocks will go in between the string blocks.

I used freezer paper - simply because I had some, and because computer paper isn't quite wide enough to make a 8.5" template with. It did cause a smallish sticky mess until I got enough of the strips on, but not too bad. I was anxious to get the linen centred as perfectly as I could get it, so I measured and pinned the first strip carefully.

After that, it all seemed like plain sailing. Helen had already cut the fabric into different lengths so that helped with ummming and ahhhhhing about where to place fabric. In fact, her quilty maths is superb - those 3 pieces of fabric to the right in the next photo are what I had leftover. It always makes me happy when there is minimal fabric wastage.

Done and dusted. These were really fun to make, I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's blocks and the final product.

String blocks for Helen


  1. I thought we'd all have the same fabric! I was super careful with my first piece too.

  2. These look great! This block is the first Bee block I made too! It's a fun and quick one!

  3. Oh they look great - I love a string block but am too lazy for all the cutting :)