Saturday, 4 August 2012

More Liberty Love

I have had a bit of a winter cold over the past week which has meant I haven't wanted to wrangle any Retro flowers. Luckily I found the perfect sewing project - whipping up quick Liberty blocks. I just sort all my little pieces into colour groups, make a strip then insert the strips into white. Although I want quite a random look, I notice that I need to work a bit harder to be 'random'!

Recently Karyn suggested writing a post about 'word quilts' for our AMQG blog and that made me remember this quilt designed by Tula Pink:

Now I'm wondering whether to be quite literal and truly make this my Liberty Love quilt.


  1. I'm loving how this quilt is coming together! I'm with you - struggle to be random. But I like your version of orderly randomness ;)

  2. Go for it, I say! I love those liberties.

  3. wow, I love the random strips and I am OOGLING your Liberty prints! It's going to be gorgeous.

  4. Ooh, those fabrics are amazingly gorgeous! Love this. What size are you aiming for?