Thursday, 10 January 2013


I'm just back from a lovely road trip type holiday - sunshine, surf and loads of fresh produce from roadside orchards/market gardens. Bliss.
I decided while I was away to try and be a bit more methodical with my sewing this year instead of flitting from one project to the next. I had whipped together a simple quilt top to donate to a family affected by the cyclone which hit Hobsonville not long before Christmas, which some of our Monday Modern group wanted to do. It is partially quilted, but I'm getting there. It has to be finished before I work on anything else. That is the new rule.

I also had some lovely fabric mail waiting for me when I got home. I spent a long time before I went away trying to find something I liked for the back of my bee quilt and finally settled on some nice Denyse Schmidt Chicopee (Ladder Dot in Fuschia). I can't wait to get this put together (not showing it until its done, sorry Monday Modern friends!!)

And here is a picture of a Christmas present reject!

I made this pyramid purse for my niece (7), but when I showed it to one of her cousins (10) before I wrapped it up, I got a very lukewarm reaction, and a 'what's it for?' It does look cute - I love the mice, but the shape does make it less than practical. So I got niece something else instead, and the purse is just sitting round looking pretty. I got the pattern over at You SEW Girl for anyone interested, it was quick to make and an easy and clear pattern to follow.


  1. Good rule to keep those WiPs under control!

    Can't wait to see the Modern Monday quilt!

  2. I think that's going to be my new rule this year too. My WIP's are a bit out of control at the moment.

    I love the purse!! :)

  3. The little one may have loved it ; ) happy stitching today.

  4. Glad you had. Good time on holiday! The purse is cute, you should have given it to her (when is her birthday?)

  5. Lovely quilt and too bad about the pouch - it's really sweet!

  6. Children are the toughest critics. I love it!!