Friday, 1 March 2013

The one where I had trouble with points

After a long and busy week at school and university, I thought that  paper piecing a little block that I quite fancy would be a satisfying way to unwind. Unfortunately, I like my points to meet. As perfectly as possible.
Here is the naughty block, that, even after several attempts, had points all over the show. It's trying to look all cute next to the flowers but no one is going to be fooled.

Here it is in close-up. 

I'm hoping someone who is a paper piecing expert (Kristy??) might give me some tips. The problem seems to arise when sewing the parts together. I tried pinning and not pinning. Swearing and not swearing. There is a limit to how many times I am prepared to unpick. Maybe paper piecing and I aren't meant to go together?
The pattern is called Dancing Stars from Amy's Creative Side - I was inspired to give this a go when I saw Carla's lovely blocks. There is clearly nothing wrong with the pattern, it's just a case of user error!


  1. Ok, what I do to get perfect matching seams is to put a pin through the seam on the wrong side where it x and then match it up with the x on the other side. Keep the pin vertical at the point as this will allow your seams to match up perfectly. I then put two fingers on the underside, one on each side of the pin and hold it vertical, as I place a pin on each side to hold the fabric in place. This webpage explains it better than I can! Scroll down about half way.

    Perhaps several glasses of wine if that doesn't work????

  2. Oh it's a lovely block and lovely fabrics!

    I think the problems with paper piecing often arise when it comes to joining the sections together. My best tips are... pinning. Which you've tried so that's no help today. The other one I do sometimes is to line the pieces up as best as possibly, and sew them together with a really big basting kind of stitch. At least then, if it's wrong, it's not such a bear to unpick!

    And last resort, sometimes I find I haven't ironed my fabrics perfectly at the seams I'm joinng so I kind of fudge it a bit and squish the bad piece of fabric back into submission. Does sometimes mean a small tuck but it makes me feel better if it looks like it's lined up haha!

  3. Good work to have asked Kristy's tip... Very helpful.

  4. Hi menu Megan. Your block looks great. Don't be discouraged after the first block. I only work on these when I am feeling especially patient. I try to make sure that my sections are exactly the same size before sewing them together. Also, sometimes I start at one end, sew to the middle, then sew from the other end and finish in the middle.
    Thanks for the nice comments

  5. It may be that the sections are stretching on the bias just that little bit, even with the paper backing? I know wonky stars sure do! Pinning and maybe using a walking foot? I also find that sewing with the stretchy bit against the feed dogs helps, but may not be possible with piecing all the time. It's a cute block though!