Monday, 6 January 2014

Diary of a wimpy quilter {day 1}

It was way too humid in Auckland yesterday to think about sewing, so my kitchen got a spring clean instead. However, I promised my machine I would be up with the sparrows today to make a start with my FMQ project.

I started by setting my machine up and writing myself a short list of things to do when preparing. I guess at some point I won't have to think about this as much, but today it was all about figuring out what button makes what happen and an efficient start-up sequence. I was anticipating a decent glass of a nice Gisborne chardonnay would always be in the FMQ mix, but at 9.00am, I had to make do with cold water :-)

Things I learnt today:
1. Don't make your quilt sandwich too small, you barely get going before you run the risk of sewing through your fingers if you are determined to hold on to your fabric. I have made larger sandwiches for tomorrow's practice.
2. Loops seem easier than anything more rectangular.
3. Faster is better, but not too fast. I think finding the speed sweet spot will be part of any future success.
4. It is possible to FMQ without swearing (I'm pretty happy about this breakthrough).

I didn't have to fiddle around with the tension on my machine, it seemed to do a pretty even job without any interference from me. 
(front and back)

That just leaves the tension in my shoulders to resolve. Apparently remembering to breathe helps :-)
Ok, your turn now fellow wimpy quilters - off you go!


  1. wow - it looks fantastic for a first attempt :-)

  2. Go Megan go! You did great. Yes loops are easier than straight lines. I like the loopy 'l' myself. It goes fast ; ) Happy quilting

  3. That looks great Megan - I think you can scrap practice for the rest of the week and head to the beach.

  4. I think you are off to a great start.

  5. There is nothing wimpy about your efforts Megan! Go for it!

  6. It's looking pretty fine for a practice to me. Swap your practice till 12.30 and get the wine out ;-)

  7. Oh, well done you. I tried a swirly pattern on a new baby quilt and remain unsatisfied that I am not immediately as good as Angela Walters. What is with that? I also discovered that if Bernie is skipping stitches on the BSR, a new needle does wonders. Who would have thought. I hope you'll show us your further homework!

  8. Wow..I am inspired. I practice so much. My speed is what gets me...I cannot seem to get that right. I read to try a glass of wine before practice it helps ease your shoulders and makes your free motion easier.

  9. Nice job! Breathing is key... I tend to forget to do that as well. The other thing to remember is washing makes a lot of 'imperfections' go away.