Sunday, 12 January 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Quilter {week 2}

I almost hesitate to post pics of my FMQ progress this week because it is so reminiscent of a child learning to write - but I like to keep it real here :-)

I spent week 1 'squiggling' around as planned - quilting back in forward in little rows doing whatever I felt like doing. A question for the experienced - do you work right to left, or the other way around? I couldn't work out which seemed more sensible. I went right to left although I tried left to right.

I think my major achievement of the week is that I no longer feel scared of my machine in FMQ mode.

I did manage to write my name legibly (although I had to think hard to remember how to join up letters). I was pretty happy with my second effort at a g but then it all went to pieces as I headed into the a. 

I have prepared my quilt sandwich ready for this week's challenge - dogwood quilting. I can see my urge to be frugal has meant I haven't left much room round the edges for holding on. Oooh, I think it's going to get pretty ugly round here!

PS I'm finally claiming my blog although I have no idea what that means.  Just wanted to be one of the cool kids ;-)


  1. I wondered how you were getting on with this project!

  2. Hey you are getting along well.Your name has turned out fabulously.

  3. You know they say that practise is the real key to FMQ, so as long as you are getting out there and doing it....success will be yours! Great job, keep going!

  4. you can already FMQ your name - you will be a pro!!

  5. Ooh off to a fab start! And I reckon that's a huge leap if you're not scared of FMQ mode! ;) Look forward to seeing that dog petal quilting!!

  6. Your practise pieces look great! When I FMQ in rows, I work from left to right, solely because I prefer to have the bulk of the quilt rolled up in the throat of my machine when I start, and slowly unfurl it (for me, that's better than trying to stuff the bulk of the quilt into the throat of my machine when I'm quilting!). I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way though - you'll just have to experiment when you're working with something a little larger.

    Also, I think you are doing great. I suggest that once you've done a couple more practise pieces, just get a quilt and FMQ it. You will be able to do it, and having that first real quilt done will give you the confidence boost you need to progress. Also, if it helps, wine.

  7. Your quilting is looking great. When I took a FMQ class, the instructor said you need to be able to quilt from left to right, up and down, all without having to move your quilt. She said the reason for this is that when you're working with a larger quilt you can't turn it easily, so that you need to be able to work both ways. It was very good advice because I am able to work with a large quilt going in any direction. On a home machine that's important.