Sunday, 25 January 2015

Gypsy Wife {Progress}

Because I put Gypsy Wife on my 1st quarter FAL list, I  thought I better stop procrastinating and tackle section 6. There are lots of blocks in this section and lots of concentrating to get the engineering right! One block I had made didn't seem to be the right size so I pinched one from my 'extras' pile.

This is about 2/3rds of the quilt in my estimation, so I think I'm over the hump! 

I decided I needed some sort of 'design wall' for working on Gypsy Wife that wasn't the floor - there are so many parts to line up correctly and I didn't want to have to keep packing it all away. I finally stapled some batting up behind the laundry door. It's not perfect, but it does the job!


  1. I know I say it every time I see it, but I LOVE GYPSY WIFE. There. I won a giveaway and I have some shopping money at Amitie textiles. This pattern is on my wish list : )
    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Your GW is looking good... it's not too clear which block goes where actually, I think I muddled up some blocks along the way and somehow had a few spares too! I love your other improv blocks, that little addition of brown solid (is it brown?) is just perfect! Linda

  3. I just love the look of GW, but I can't ever imagine making such a complicated quilt!

  4. Your GWQ is looking great. Love the idea of a design wall behind a door too.

  5. love the improvised design wall! who needs perfect when youhave function hidden away in the laundry room?

    liz tells me to be afraid of section 6 so i congratulate you on your fortitude 2/3rds done is a marvel! i'm going to need to catch up.

  6. My gypsy is at about the same stage, but then I left the bach where I was sewing, and the opportunity to lay it undisturbed on the floor while working. Luckily for me, i have purchased a design board leftover from Symposium. Only $5, which is great as I was considering which of my walls to start stapling a design wall to. Glad you enjoyed Symposium, we enjoyed hosting it.