Friday, 2 January 2015

Welcome 2015

Happy New Year quilty friends! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with friends, family, and possibly your sewing machine :-)

I have spent some quality time with  my sewing machine in between lots of eating (seasonal hazard). Some of us from Monday Modern are going to work through the Moda Building blocks this year. I doubt whether I will do them all, but we agreed to start with number 1 which I really like.

I also finished making stars so that I could put this little quilt top together. Because I used Adrianne's tutorial for the star block, I have dubbed this quilt Adrianne Stars. 

Hope you are finding time to do what you enjoy too!


  1. The #1 Moda block looks lovely. I had no intention of doing these blocks but late last night I found some stray fat quarters and suddenly had the urge to make this block. No pre thought - no checking materials requirements - straight into cutting out. Big mistake! That block is huge and it doesn't work with American sized fat quarters. So I added more fabric from my stash. Then wasn't happy with the layout, so discarded most of the HST's. Then I realised I had cut the corner squares in half accidentally. No problem I thought - just stitch them back together to make a square again and fudge it to make it fit. - Well it kind of fitted ok but no matching of points. Then when I stood back and looked at it I had put the outside blocks upside down, so instead of a star I have a square. At this point I was ready to throw it away - I hadn't planned to do this anyway so no loss!! But there's a bit of me that finds it very hard to waste fabric like that, so I am going to applique over the mismatched points, and have used all the odd HST and rest of the fat quarters for the back. So now I have a baby quilt that's at least usable, and hopefully I will remember this next time I get that sudden urge to just sew without thinking! I am impressed with the perfect finished blocks I have seen.

  2. Your Moda star is gorgeous! What size is it, Megan! Your Adrianne Star top is very pretty too!

  3. The little star quilt is very sweet, looking forward to seeing how you quilt it! p.s. am still undecided about whether to join in the fun with the Moda BB-along!

  4. You crazy MM ladies! But I guess I can see why you're doing it - lovely star. And the Adrianne star top looks fantastic, too. On to quilting it?

  5. Both of these are lovely. Your fabrics are just gorgeous, and you've combined them so well. Well done!