Sunday, 26 July 2015

St Louis Star 2

A winter cold and some less-than-exciting sewing (backings zzzzz) have conspired to rob me of my sewing mojo. In an attempt to get it back, I decided to do some purpose-less sewing yesterday. You know, just for fun.

I went hunting in Quilters Cache and looking for something to take my fancy. The  St Louis Star 2 block caught my eye. I'm not hugely keen on paper piecing but I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It might even be promoted to 'starter block' for our Monday Modern round robin.

Today I got back to work on my Treasure Map blocks after a bit of a revelation. It is soooooo much easier cutting on the bench (I'm sure most of you know this).

See that pen? It's a Frixon pen. This is my latest favourite-handy-thing. It makes nice dark lines for marking and then they just iron away. I found it at Ribbon Rose.

I have two quilts about to be dispatched to Carol Longarm. (That's not actually her name, but its the name she goes by in my head). I'll be so pleased to get these back and bound and finished.


  1. Wow, I think your Star 2 block is lovely... and it would be an excellent one for your Round Robin! A bit of a creative challenge, and v. interesting to see what would follow! Ha-ha, wish I had a work bench in the sewing room, I tend to do all my cutting out down on the floor!

  2. Nice fabric on the star. Yes, def do all big cutting jobs at the kitchen bench! And we were just talking about those pens during the week and how the ink disappears off your pages if you leave your notebook in the sun.

  3. Love Frixion pens - also available at Warehouse stationery, silver is great for dark fabrics. I have heard that the marks can re-appear in very cold temperatures - not that I have experienced it myself.