Sunday, 1 May 2016

Gypsy Wife Crazy Anne block {the one I'm not sure about}

May 1st already! Can you believe it?

That means it is time to start a new section of Gypsy Wife. Today I'm going to show you how I made Crazy Anne, one of the blocks in this month's section (section five). Only I'm not too sure if I made the centre section correctly, so follow my lead at your own risk!

I began by making the centre rectangles (and this is the part I'm not sure about). I felt like I should off-set the two pieces at each end by quarter of an inch so that when I pressed the pieces open the diagonal went corner to corner exactly (see both pictures). When you see the picture of the finished block, you will be able to see why I am not sure if this is correct. The rectangle should measure 4.5" by 2.5" at this stage.

Then I laid all my pieces out to check that I was happy with the fabric placement and so that I could put the pieces together without muddling them all up.

I stitched the centre three pieces together, then I made the corner units. These are fairly straightforward, just follow the instructions in the pattern. Each corner block should measure 4.5" square at this stage.

Sew the top and bottom row together, being careful not to accidentally rotate any of the blocks as you move them to your machine, then stitch the three rows together.

You will be able to see in this picture that I didn't get sharp points in the centre where the star point meets the centre square. Maybe you are supposed to, maybe not? I'm not fussed, the great thing about Gypsy Wife is that it is such an explosion of colour and blocks that a few dodgy points go largely un-noticed.


  1. Still a great looking block - love your fabric choices in this one!!

  2. its still a beautiful looking block! and i don't know about those rectangles. will have to look into it at some future point! your logic makes sense to me, though.

  3. Could the rectangles be done like HSTs? Except they would be HRTs? :)