Saturday, 4 June 2016

Gypsy Wife Section 6

It's a little after June 1st but never mind! Time to box on with section 6 (or what I like to call in my head The Behemoth).

There are the grand total of 21 blocks in this section, not to mention a pretty good number of strips too. If you have not already downloaded the pdf that Hydeeann created with all the blocks and block sizes (both finished and unfinished) you might want to pop over and do that now!

Here is my previous Gypsy Wife, you can see section 6 on the lower left side and section 7 on the lower right side.

As far as the new version goes, I haven't finished section 5 yet. It still looks like this - a few holes to fill :-( 

Never mind, its a long weekend so hopefully I can catch up and get a few section 6 blocks ticked off the list.


  1. ...must admit,I've been sewing all sorts, putting off tackling section #6!

  2. There's such a lot of thinking in these quilts isn't there, but fabulous end results!!

  3. Glad you are soldiering on!!! I am still completely out of the game. Have fun with all the sq in sqs this month!

  4. thanks for the quilt along! It's the first time I've attempted one, but I've been circling this quilt for ages and finally decided to dive in and make it. I was just tackling the strips, trying to figure out which ones could be cut from fat quarters and which needed yardage when I discovered the spreadsheet on hydeeannsews. It is amazing! couldn't comment on her blog, so I'll send my thanks to you both. THANK YOU.

  5. Yes, thanks so much for this QAL. I am slowly making progress...still working on section 4. It's so nice to have company!

  6. So glad to have found some Gypsy Wife friends! If it weren't for hydeean's spreadsheets I would have thrown this project in the trash out of frustration trying to make sense of the pattern -your partial seam advice has been a big help too!