Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gypsy Wife {Section 7 construction}

Hi everyone, welcome to section 7 of Gypsy Wife!

I have been tied up with life lately, but I have finally found some sewing time. I hope everyone else is sewing along happily. In the interests of full disclosure, I haven't actually done section 6 yet but as this is a quilt-along where you go at your own pace, I consider myself to be leading by example and not keeping up with my own schedule!

Section 7 isn't very big but it does require a bit of engineering to get the parts put together. If you pay attention to the partial seams, it will all work out I promise. I took some photos along the way in case it is helpful to see the process more literally.

I'm just going to show you the parts in the middle with the partial seams, starting where my finger is on the pattern. The first three photos show you the order that I constructed this part. I started with the partial seam below the pinwheel block. I had already completed the part below the 3" square in square (see photo 2).

 Then I did the partial seam above the pinwheel block.

When I went to attach the section to the left, I decided to do two partial seams. I have put my ruler across the fabric to show you approximately where. I did one where it was supposed to be (just to the right of the dark coloured strips on the pattern) and I did one on that far left strip as well, sewing down from the top and stopping where my ruler is.

This meant that I could put that top block in (the 4" square in square with courthouse) then connect it to the piece on the right and everything lined up neatly.

Then it was just a case of putting the 4" square in square in, then finishing those partial seams on the far left and right.

Then you can return to the top of this section, sew the 7" bordered square in square across the top, then finish that partial seam too. I forgot to take a photo of that step, but we're looking at the top of this photo now.

I can't get decent progress shots of this on my wall because the whole thing is behind a door, but here you can see section 7 finished and waiting optimistically for progress on section 6 to begin!


  1. That is tricky! You have done a terrific job of explaining it all. Good for you Megan! It's looking great!

  2. It's great to see how you are doing it. I haven't started mine yet, but have the fabrics ready to go. Have a bunch of other quilt things to get off my agenda before starting this quilt. It's hard to wait after seeing your quilt, but am fortunate to be able to see the parts you are so willing to post on your blog for people like me. Thanks!

  3. I have all my sections done but am a bit confused as to what order to put the large sections together. I have 8,9, and 10 sewn together. Not sure best order from here.