Saturday, 24 August 2013

Aladdin's cave {a quilt in progress}

Thank you all for your helpful comments about my mis-matching Kona Ash situation. You were completely right, once I got over my bad mood and started putting the sashing together I realised you could barely see the difference.

It is quite difficult deciding which colours to put where so I'm trying to embrace my inner random. I decided (fancifully) that the quilt top was starting to look like a whole lot of jewels sitting amongst sand which has made me start calling this project Aladdin's cave in my mind. Fanciful of course (as it scarcely needs pointing out), because I have never seen jewels tossed into sand - boy those Disney cartoons have a lot to answer for!

I love this Cuzco fabric, especially the peacocks. I beheaded one accidentally, but for the most part have managed to keep them intact :-)

I'm off the the ballet tonight to see Swan Lake. Quality sewing time followed by music and dance. Happy days.


  1. That is looking gorgeous! I'm glad the backing worked out :-)

  2. Peacocks, swans! All beautiful! I'm glad the slight grey variation has not hampered your creativity!

  3. What a fun pattern! Looking great

  4. I think that's a fabulous name for the quilt! It's totally jewel-like! It's looking fabulous. So glad you were able to make the mismatched Kona's work! (I can't tell any difference!!)