Thursday, 29 August 2013

Starburst blocks

I have been making some more Starburst (by Jen Kingwell) blocks. I wasn't so sure about the first one, so remade it with a lower volume background.

They are fun blocks to make even though they have quite a few pieces in each one and thus offer numerous opportunities to make mistakes:

I'd like to say I only did this once, but that wouldn't be true.

This is my favourite block so far - those little bunnies are having so much fun playing with the moon and stars! Linking up over at Lee's today, having finally organised myself a bit better :-)


  1. Very cute little blocks - clever how they make the pinwheel with the nine-patch center. Nice colors!

  2. I love those bunnies! I think we can put them on the long list of your quilty things that you need to give me. It's going to be a fantastic quilt - a bit different from your usual style?

  3. I love those blocks! Very pretty

  4. Great blocks! I love those bunnies too! They go so well with the vintage floral you have used!

  5. Very cute blocks! Love the bunnies!