Sunday, 1 December 2013

Catching up

Hello quilty friends! I'm back from my whistle stop tour of London and Copenhagen - great cities with lots to see and do! I did not purchase ANY fabric at all - well done me :-) Instead I turned my geeky attention elsewhere - the British Library, for example, which I completely loved.

However, fabric and textiles are never too far from my mind. I spent ages in the V and A museum in London admiring garments and fabric and of course those amazing tapestries.

I snapped a shot of my friend's rug thinking it was interesting inspiration for a quilt:

And finally, just to prove I did make to Aarhus University, here I am with my friend Kirsten. Alas, I am not the glamorous looking blonde...


  1. You're the glamorous brunette! How wonderful to visit the famous museum.

  2. Welcome back, Megan!
    And yes, that rug would look great as a quilt! You know what I mean!

  3. What awesome places to visit! Welcome home Megan - just in time for some rubbish weather again :-)

  4. Welcome back! I bet you had an amazing time.