Saturday, 7 December 2013

My lovely pouch {and some Penny Patch progess}

We had a fun time at our Monday Modern meeting this week. There might have been wine involved ;-)
A secret santa gift exchange was also involved. We each made a small gift, popped them into santa's large plastic bag (he's all style) and took turns to choose one that we knew wasn't our own. After unwrapping them each person tried to guess who had made the present they had received. I didn't do so well at guessing, but my pouch turned out to be made by Karyn. I love this fabric and it had the most perfect looking zip.

It is a most excellent size for storing my paper piecing supplies:

(Just focus on the pouch and ignore the attention seeker in the corner)

I did a bit of sewing this morning then a lot of humming and haaaahing over my Penny Patch quilt. 

I'm not entirely feeling the love. I think the teal is a bit too samey samey (technical term) so I'm going to try and add a few different greens in. More head scratching and indecision to follow I suspect.


  1. So cute! I saw this over on Karyn's blog too ; ) Lucky you

  2. I think it's looking lovely & vintage -y! I love it!!! I might be wrong, but possibly the original Penny Patch quilt had a few more low volume fabrics? maybe 1/2? L

  3. Interesting combos, I kinda like the samey samey teal, Tho I could see how you could include another colour or two to balance it

  4. The pouch is gorgeous and i really like the penny patch, the teal and orange is a great combination!

  5. I like your colour combo - it's very chilled and modern

  6. well, I'm loving your penny patch! you nailed the look I was going for. mine turned out all aged looking, though, because my low-volumes are more cream/ivory/parchment rather than whites. however, I totally understand the head-scratching and need to adjust when something doesn't feel right to you as the creator. best wishes on it!