Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cats and mice

My work-craft balance isn't exactly as I would like it just now. I'm hoping that once I get a few more weeks in my new job under my belt that situation will right itself. However, despite the odds, I have managed to get a little sewing done over the last couple of weeks and I notice I have a bit of a cat and mice theme going on.

My catvent mini quilt 12/16 complete (that would be 3/4 right?)
Lizzy House mice for our Monday Modern block lotto

And here is Coco having a well deserved rest *snort* after bringing a mouse in this morning that we both chased around the lounge for some time. Fortunately I was able to rescue it much to a certain cat's disgust.


  1. love your cats especially, but mice can be cute sometimes! Hope the new job is going okay and that you can get into a good routine soon :-)

  2. I can totally relate to your work/craft balance at present. Pity we still have to find time to cook and clean as well. Your cat is rather beautiful - what breed is she.

  3. I love that cat quilt. I was so tempted to start it when I saw it come out, but have resisted so far! How's the FMQ practice coming along?

  4. The cat quilt is looking very sweet.Glad you're managing a little bit of sewing time. Hope everything settles with the new job soon!

  5. Hi!!!! I love your cat quilt!!!! I also love the little mouse fabric!!!!!!! Your kitty is very pretty!!!!