Sunday, 14 June 2015

Moda building blocks update

Thank you for the suggestions you left in response to my last post 'Pondering'.
I have done some picking apart and adding in, and I think the whole thing is looking better now.

I remade a few blocks using a new fabric - the one in the centre block above. It picks up the blue and the green and is just generally quite lively. 

I then added a block of small blocks down the left hand side and put some strips of the low volume fabric in amongst the blocks to break them up. Unfortunately no picture of the whole thing yet, it's blowing a gale here today!


  1. Bravo! I hope you like it now ; )
    Looks lovely

  2. Goodness how industrious. I love your little blocks but I want to see the whole thing!

  3. Tease! I am keen to see how your extra low volume strips worked out. Hope you are happier with it now anyway.

  4. Some lovely fabrics... I love the little 'pops' of light aqua! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  5. Sometimes you just need to play to get it right. Looking great !

  6. I saw it in the shop...Love what you have done...looks fantastic :)