Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Gypsy Wife Quilt-along 2016

It's happening!! The great Gypsy Wife adventure begins today!!

Hydeeann and I have decided to keep all the technical details over on her blog so that you don't have to work between two blogs trying to figure out what is where. At the beginning of each month we will both write a post about the section we will be working on for each month, and we will take turns at posting some little tutorials for the more complex blocks. Remember that Hydeeann is in the US, so is essentially a day behind some of us. Don't be getting impatient and thinking she has forgotten to post if you are fortunate enough to be antipodean :-)

Section 1 is a nice easy section to begin. You should find it easy enough to complete the section within a month, but don't worry if you can't. Work at your own pace so that you enjoy the process.

My number #1 tip for this quilt is to take the time to work out what is an accurate 1/4" seam using your machine. There are lots of little pieces in this pattern and you want them to go together without tearing your hair out along the way!

My second major tip which is related to the first, is to make the iron your best friend. I love pressing so I press a lot as I sew anyway but if this is not your usual practice, try to press regularly as you make the parts of this quilt. It will help with accuracy and mean you end up with a nice flat quilt top.

Tip #3 is don't worry too much about the colours/fabrics in each individual block. Try to get a bit of a balance of colours in each section, but remember that there are a LOT of blocks and once they are all together they will play with one another joyfully I promise.

Square in square blocks
There are a lot of these is this quilt. They are fun and pretty quick to make. Because they often connect sets of strips you want them to be accurate. I took some photos of the square in square block I posted at the top as I was making it.

The instructions are in the booklet on p.22. This will be a 4" finished/4.5" unfinished block.

Take the time to draw those lines on the corner squares, line the squares up with the edges of the centre square, and do your best to sew exactly on the line.

Trim as per the instructions, then I suggest pressing the seams open, this is especially helpful for the smaller sq in sq blocks.

Repeat the process with the opposite corners.

You can see that my finished block is just running off slightly in one corner. I'm not too worried about it, it might just need another press.

Happy sewing everyone :-)


  1. Beautiful tutorial, Megan! And I love all the calm reassurance you bring to this project and the quilt along. :) Best partner ever.

  2. Great tips Megan - especially the 1/4" accuracy, I found out early in my quilting life how important this one was and that not all machine feet and markings are the same!