Friday, 5 February 2016

Gypsy Wife section 1 {partial seams}

Hello fellow Gypsy Wife troops!
Today I have for you the partial seam edition...

There is a partial seam in section one, and if you haven't done a partial seam before that might sound daunting. But trust me, there is no tricky technical sewing here, just a particular order in which to sew your seams that might not be immediately apparent.

I took lots of photos as a sewed this part together so you can follow along if you need to.
I am only working on part of section 1 here (5 strips in from the left inclusive). I began by laying out the pieces using the pattern diagram as a guide.

Then I stitched the pieces together that I could see went together logically enough. Now you are ready to sew your partial seam joining the long and short strips together to where I have my finger. You are going to sew this seam down from the top about 1.5" (not all the way to the bottom, hence the 'partial seam').

I pinned the strips where I wanted to stop. 

When you turn it the right way up, it looks like this and you are ready to sew it to the square in square block above.

Next, attach that pair of 8.5" strips that go on the right hand side of the block. Are you getting a sense of the logic? Fun, right? Attach that pinwheel to the bottom of those four strips now.

Now, flip the whole thing over. You're going to finish that seam that is open on the left.

That yellow pin at the top is where my previous unfinished seam ended. Start from there and sew to the bottom. This is your last seam in this part of the block.

Give it a good press and admire your handiwork!


  1. first of all, i'm not partial to purples, but you are killing me with your fabric choices this time around!!! just gorgeous. and that pinwheel block gets all the heart eyes.

    but maybe best of all you have demystified the partial seam! and probably unlike a ballerina, who makes her art look easy when it's not, this most likely is just as easy as you say. =) nice work, partner! now i'm going to need you to do the "hope of hartford" block for me because that's where i stopped last time. that little block in the middle made me run the other way!

    1. ps - your nails look really nice! pretty sparkles.

    2. Great job of explaining. Thanks, you do make it look easy. Love your colors. Elsie

  2. Wonderful tutorial Megan - thank so much. I am late starting because I just cannot find my GW pattern book - hunted everywhere in my little studio so I am waiting on another one arriving from The Apple Basket in a day or two!!

  3. Ah, now I do think these fabrics are more 'you' rather than the vintage-y selection in your #1GW. Great post, very clear & lots of pretty pics {nails included!}

  4. Thanks for showing the steps in this part. I'm late getting started but think I might have all the fabric I need. Now to cut out and start section 1! Between you and hydeann I see myself finishing this!

  5. I'd like to participate in this Quilt-along, how can I do that?

  6. You are very clear with your explanations.

  7. Just order the Gypsy Wife quilt book and want to do this in the worse way. Hope you keep your post available for awhile since I will be running behind. Thanks to all of you for the help

  8. Thank-you so much for your tutorials and help with this quilt. I don't think I'd dare tackle this quilt without the help you two have provided. Still valuable posts 2 years later.

  9. Just getting started - please keep your posts alive!!!

  10. I’m attempting the GW Quilt for the 1st time with a group. I’m so thankful for someone such as yourself who is so kind to take the time to share your knowledge in helping those of us who especially may be doing this for the 1st time. I love your colors