Thursday, 25 February 2016

Gypsy Wife {section one}

Gosh, I can't believe its the end of the month already! I hope those of you who are sewing along with Hydeeann and I have enjoyed making section one. Here is my first version:

I had it up on the wall for a few days and I started to think it was looking a bit too blue/grey, so I swapped out a couple of the strips.

It's such a small portion of the quilt, I probably didn't need to fuss, but that, apparently is my forte!
Hydeeann has set up a link party over on her blog - see the instructions below. See you on March 1 :-)


  1. I liked the cool tones of version one but those pinks you added in are really nice too! I guess when we have a whole month to work on a section we have time to be fussy. :) it's really pretty either way!

  2. They both look good, however I prefer version 2 with its slightly warmer tones now.

  3. Lovely mix of fabrics! I really like the addition of those light whites, they make everything else 'pop' !

  4. I see we have similar tastes with some Tula fabrics in your mix, I second Julie, the later version is definitely warmer.

  5. I like your version here - I never used to like purple but in the past year I've really come round and now really love how well it works with other colors to warm up or cool down a quilt. Now I use it far more frequently.