Thursday, 9 February 2012

I don't heart Coco

This job proved fiddly. Crawling around on my 'design' floor seemed to be quite time consuming. So I decided to go and have a cup of tea because I knew I wanted to move some stars around... Coco obviously also had moving stars around in mind. In she crept, the little ninja, and did her worst. Honestly she is so stealthy - nowhere to be seen until my back is turned. I threatened to take her to the SPCA and she just stared me down then sauntered off outside. Hmphhh.
Anyway... I got the layout sorted, photographed it and got all the little pieces in piles so I can start sewing.


  1. Oh no!

    It's looking good in the top photo though.

    And who really has a design wall? I am sure everyone really uses the floor.

  2. This is my life! My cats are always doing this - and sometimes with muddy paws! However, they actually gave me this design idea, which I love how the quilt turned out, so I owe them one

  3. oh that's so funny ;) my cats are loving to do that as well... But your Quilts are looking so pretty!