Saturday, 4 February 2012

In a bind!

I've been a busy little binding bee! This is the second quilt I ever made. I did it last year at Patchwork Passion as a follow up to the Easy Retro Quilt class. When I finished the top it went into the cupboard because I was too nervous to quilt it. Mum was staying recently and asked where it was so I had to confess it was a UFO. I finally got around to quilting it, then it went back into the cupboard. I think I've never been completely in love with it which is strange because it is made with some of my very favourite colours. Anyway, I've been on a binding buzz so it's all done. And its going to Mum because she likes it much more than I do - something about those birds...

...and so on with more binding. This pile is destined for my Marmalade quilt. It's looking a bit reminscent of a sea-snake I saw once when I was snorkeling in Fiji. I'm hoping it will look less snakey when it is attached to the quilt.


  1. That's a great colour combination!

  2. Wow! Your quilts are amazing! I've enjoyed looking through at each design - just beautiful!
    I'm now following your lovely blog and would love if you'd come say hi at Just For Daisy... this has got me in the mood to start another quilt! :)