Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The bad, the good and the ugly

The bad
I have made a retro flower using stripes. I tried to avoid it knowing it was going to cause me some headaches but I really wanted to use the fabric for this quilt. I counselled myself to work slowly and spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted the stripes to look. Just when I thought I was on the home stretch this happened:

The good
Three petals later (yes, I managed to repeat the same mistake twice more), I did get the flower I wanted:

The ugly
I have decided this flower will have to go on the back. It was one of the first ones I made. I was concentrating so hard on the curves and matching seams that it did not occur to me that a large gingham print wasn't going to play nicely:
I have tried to convince myself that this block is ok. But I know that the fabric going this way and that will always annoy me.

If you want to see some great mini quilts, pop over to the AMQG website. Our guild made cot quilts to donate to the Auckland Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. We decided to make it a friendly 'viewers choice' competition open to all - click here to see the quilts and cast your votes!


  1. You could spend forever trying to line up those ginghams! It won't stand out as much when it's one block in a whole quilt I reckon.

  2. Okay I am so ridiculously impressed by how you got those stripes to line up! That is a stunning flower! Well worth all that effort!

    I think the gingham block is ok! How does it look from a distance? I think sometimes we quilters can get caught up on how things look close up (spending our time with our noses inches from fabric and seams!), but the average person admires from a distance. So it might go just fine hidden amongst the other flowers?

  3. I like the green block but understand the feeling of when you feel it's wrong, it's all you can see. I'm choosing my fabrics for retro flowers and am attempting to steer away from Kona Snow - eek!

  4. I think they all look great and wouldn't notice any of the things that annoy you!! I agree with Karyn about the gingham and it's such a pretty fabric.

  5. You are looking to closely, if you can't see it from a galloping horse then it doesn't count! Seriously though I think they both look great.

  6. I am so impressed with your blocks! Lining up all those stripes would drive me mad! I agree with everyone else that the gingham block is fine. I do understand the nagging feeling that something is off. Things that I would not notice on anyone else's work stick out like a sore thumb on mine!

  7. Stripes can be tricky, eh?!? You managed to get it straight. It looks wonderful. And seriously, I can't tell the problem with the gingham. It works. But if it's going to bug you for life, then on the back it goes!