Saturday, 28 April 2012

My first quilt

I have been taking advantage of the recent stretch of sunny weather to wash wash wash. After washing the only quilt I actually have in the house (aside from a couple of minis) and drying it on the line, I felt it deserved a little photoshoot because I have never photographed it. This is the first quilt I ever made, just a little over a year ago before I knew about modern quilting. I use it as a throw on my bed. It gets a bit of a hammering because my naughty cat loves to sleep on it after tangling herself up in it chasing imaginary mice.

I still love the fabric in this quilt, the colours are restful and gentle. What I love most about these pictures though are the beautiful leaves of the oak tree. Autumn is a wonderful season.


  1. It did deserve a showing - Beautiful!

  2. Oh glad you gave this quilt its own photoshoot! It's lovely!

    Definitely loving the changing leaves too. So beautiful!

  3. Very nice to show off your first! Lovely.

  4. So pretty! I like the spots of dark fabric against the paler colors! Great photoshoot, autumn is my favorite season!