Sunday, 15 April 2012

Zippy Pouch

I'm really enjoying making the retro flowers but it is piecing that can't be rushed. I do the petals in batches.
First pinning,

then  sewing and trimming.

Like many other quilters, I have to amuse myself with other smaller projects as I go so  it doesn't become too tedious. I decided it was time I tackled a zippy pouch. I used this great tutorial and think it all went together quite well (I didn't put the inner pocket in). My little pouch was slumping a little during her photoshoot which the amateur photographer didn't notice at the time. I think I will try a heavier interfacing in the future.


  1. Love the zipper pouch, look at those perfect ends!!

  2. Your zipper pouch is fabulous!

    Loving the green fabric for your flowers. Just lovely!

  3. Ooh, I LOVE that pouch! The feature fabric makes me feel very nostalgic!

  4. Your petals look great! And the pouch came together really well. I know that need for a quick project!