Saturday, 2 June 2012

Long weekend plans

Gosh its been a busy couple of weeks, I haven't been near my sewing machine. I was up with the birds this morning, excited by the prospect of a three day weekend and got another star put together for my constellation quilt - it was already cut out and ready to go:

I have been very remiss with my homework for my Monday night modern quilting group, so I piled up some bits and pieces and now I'm waiting for some inspiration to strike. Our task is to make a cover for some sort of electronic device. I don't really have an electronic device I love, so I'm trying to get excited about my Kindle by making it a pretty cover. I bought the Kindle for travelling, but I'm totally old school as far as reading goes - I love paper books.


  1. That is one stunning block!!

  2. I have a pattern for a kindle cover and was thinking about making one for homework because we'll be getting one soon - if you're stuck for inspiration let me know and I'll scan it for you! While I enjoy a real book I have to admit that I love being able to have lots of books for much cheaper on an electronic device! I use the Kindle app on my phone a lot, can't wait for a bigger screen :)

  3. Gorgeous block, I love the purples! I have had an e-reader for a couple of years, but I have only read a few books on it...some books just need to be read in their paper form! I have been so curious about that Jeffrey Eugenides book, have you read it?