Sunday 20 May 2012

Using a 60 degree triangle ruler

I have seen some lovely triangle quilts popping up lately like this one and this one. I duly sent away for a ruler so I could have a play around. This is a 2"-6" ruler - I decided to try out the biggest size. Initially I wasn't sure what the advantage of having the corners cut off like this was, but felt sure it would be for a good reason!

Sure enough it was! It means the pieces all line up perfectly. In the picture above I haven't matched the edges up so you can see how the shapes fit together.

This is how neatly the pieces go together - I haven't done any trimming at all. I then pinned another little row on - I wasn't too sure what I was trying to line up so I just eyed up the seam lines.

Hey presto! The points matched pretty well with minimal attention on my part. Magic!

I wasn't too sure about pressing the seams. I like to press seams open where possible because I like to minimise that knobbly bit in the middle. But you can see my battle against the knobbly-bit is not entirely won.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this little experiment unfolded. And doesn't my grotty ironing board provide a lovely backdrop ;-). I see a triangle quilt appearing on my 'to do' list...


  1. Even just not having to cut off all the little sticky-outy bits would make it worthwhile! And those are some seriously lined-up points for a first attempt too! I pinned a great mug with triangles on it, after my so-so feelings about my little HST experiment I loved the patterns in it so much more. I'm not sure if it's triangles like yours or HST ones like mine, but it's very cool.

  2. Oh my gosh I'm SO in love with that second one by Badskirt. Love. It would be perfect for my Amy Butler Love fabric too... Where did you get your ruler from?

  3. Those points are amazing! Can't wait to see your triangle quilt!

  4. Oh I love a ruler that makes you look like a perfectionist with very little effort on your behalf! ;-)

  5. Ooh that looks great! So impressed with those matchy matchy points! Maybe I need to look into more quilting rulers! ;)