Saturday, 1 September 2012

Smaller projects

This week I decided to work on a couple of smaller projects with the aim of actually finishing some of them. I have that common quilty problem of too many half done things piling up around me. This baby quilt top (40" square approx) just needed its border on. Tick. I have the back all ready to go and the binding cut, so I just need to apply myself to the task of quilting.

Star baby quilt

I also have had a little pile of Mendocino begging me for ages to make it into a mini. I love the whimsy of this fabric and the rich unusual colours. It is a bit of a work in progress as I have a limited amount of fabric and I don't want to waste a single scrap!

Mendocino mini


  1. I'm having issues with finishing things before moving on to something else, so I commend you for being responsible like this! Plus making such nice things - I totally know what you mean about the Heather Ross fabrics too!

  2. Love that baby quilt! I seem to be in control of my WIPs at the minute although can't imagine that it will sta that way ;-)

  3. Oh I'm not sure which one I love more! The good Fortune looks stunning with that grey! But the Mendocino - oh such pretty colours!!

  4. The Good Fortune top is beautiful! Mendocino always make me swoon! :) I get a little sad I didn't start sewing when it was easy to find yardage. The colors are fantastic and I love the placement of those mermaids!

    It is so hard not to end up with a stack of WIPs! At the beginning of the year, I told myself I wouldn't start one project before I finished another lol Little did I know...

  5. ok so what are WIPs? and cool fabric Megan! where did you get those mermaids???