Sunday, 22 June 2014

The art of procrastination

So what do you do when you have a pile of marking and tight deadlines to work to? Procrastination activity of course! Late yesterday afternoon I decided that I just had to finish my Aerial mini-quilt so I stayed up late last night sewing the final few blocks.

That turned out to be a less than successful strategy for a couple of reasons, the main one being poor light and poor concentration meant my blocks wouldn't play together the way I wanted them to in the cool light of morning.

Yep, not only is that block in lower left corner sewn the wrong way hence interrupting my diamond, which I was initially quite partial to in the beginning, the whole thing seemed a bit busy.

Cue lots of auditioning (I'll spare you the eleventy million options I tried), and the eventual decision to make another larger block. That is, in fact, what the pattern suggests but I was paddling off in my own direction fairly early on ;-)

Much humming and haaaahing over my coffee this morning...

If you're bored with my indecision by now, check out those slippers - best slippers ever! I finally did make some decisions (this quilt seemed to give me quite a mental work out) and got the border on. But have I started my marking yet??


  1. Gotta love those slippers - we have 3 pairs of them in our house! We get ours from the Sheepskin Warehouse in Wellington, which is the coldest place this side of Antarctica.
    The blocks look very interesting. I know what you mean when you think you'll just do a bit more and it will all be done, only to find that you've wasted your time and would have been better off stopping. I do like your final arrangement where it gets lighter towards the top.

  2. I can totally relate to the procrastination when it comes to marking! Ugh! But these pretties would have distracted me! Your final layout is wonderful! And well worth the little sidetrack you took! Okay- that marking is calling, I guess! :-))

  3. It turned out pretty good! Are they shot cottons? I think marking is the worst part of the job. Oh, that and duty, but you prob don't have to do that at University (-:

  4. Perfect procrastination and SUCH a satisfying result! The border frames and finishes it beautifully!

  5. Looking lovely, very much a fresh take on using only solids... and many exciting things do indeed happen when you combine colours! L

  6. i was thinking half way through, "at least your getting a mental workout" and then you said it, too!

    procrastination projects are just something else we have in common. doing that myself right this minute!